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Amped IYN Covid Terms & Conditions

Artist COVID-19 Protocol Agreement

As an artist taking part in the “Amped in Your Neighborhood” performance series, you will have to agree to the following upon applying:

  • Notify [email protected] or another member of the Amped team if I have developed COVID-19 symptoms (including dry cough, fever, trouble breathing) or have been in contact with a COVID-19 positive individual within the past 14 days.
  • Any self-promotion for my “Amped in Your Neighborhood” performance(s) will NOT include an invitation for members outside of my immediate neighbourhood to travel to and watch my performance, and will NOT encourage crowding or gathering of any kind.
  • During my “Amped in Your Neighbourhood” performance, if any members of my immediate neighborhood begin to gather I will notify them promptly that “due to COVID-19 restrictions, we ask that you please social distance or listen from your own homes”.
  • In the event that a large crowd (i.e. 50+ people) begins to form and break social distancing protocol, I will stop my performance IMMEDIATELY.
  • Musicians Agree to being photographed at AMPED and to allow photos to be used for promotional purposes.
  • Musicians are responsible for being an ambassador of the Squamish Arts Council and as such will act respectfully and responsibly
  • To share videos, photos of my 7pm Thursday performance based on the agreed upon performance date.

Annual Events

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