Bonny Randall Cameron

Coming from a family of artists, artisans, and crafters, Bonny Randall Cameron grew up surrounded by people exploring and loving their creativity. As a child, she practiced sketching by attempting to copy drawings from her grandmother’s sketchbook. As a young adult, Bonny frequently attended art shows and galleries, always dreaming and imagining what it would be like to be an artist, a painter.

It wasn’t until she moved to Squamish in 2005 that Bonny made the time to start exploring her own creativity. In 2008, Bonny began taking painting classes and became comfortable with both watercolour and acrylics. Squamish and the Sea to Sky corridor provide endless inspiration for the landscape paintings that Bonny’s followers are so appreciative of. For Bonny, painting is a meditative experience and her painting style mirrors that with calm, serene, lines and colours.

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