Mark Eugster

Going by the handle Earth of Paradise, Mark Eugster uses his camera to share the ephemeral beauty of natural environments. Investigating across multiple mediums, his photography is profoundly influenced by other expressions of design, particularly in lighting and aesthetics. Mark specializes on showcasing the natural landscapes of Western Canada, but his full body of work includes diverse international exploration as well as intersections with the human-built world.

A recurring theme in his photography is the presence of trees, evidenced by a propensity to seek out old-growth, cloud forest and rainforest habitats worldwide; including the Pacific Northwest, Peru, Bolivia, Mexico, Indonesia, New Zealand, Polynesia, Costa Rica, and Hawaii. Frequently immersed in natural environments, Mark is particularly attracted to the fleeting moments that accompany a shift in the weather and surroundings. Passing storms, rising sun, the transition of seasons; it is this active vitality that keeps Mark curiously engaged with his work. He has an identifiable tendency to photograph low-light imagery such as slot canyons, dense forest, and caverns.


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