Tonnja Kopp

Tonnja Kopp’s passion lies in the act of creation. She was born in Canada but raised in Switzerland where her experiences cultivated her love for art.

A visual artist, Tonnja strives to connect her patrons with the beauty of nature found near her new home in Squamish, British Columbia.

Nature is Tonnja’s motif. Surrounded by awe inspiring mountains and deep lush forests, makes her feel alive! This is what truly inspires her. Natural objects in unusual, unique compositions or astonishing light conditions are some of her favourite subjects.

Next to painting rock formations, stones and plants, Tonnja loves to paint bears. Bears have been her favourite animal since childhood and appear often in her work. She’s particularly drawn to their raw strength, sheer size and power, which is in direct contrast to their playful and tranquil demeanor.

Tonnja’s main medium is acrylic.

2020 ARTWALK LOCATION – Squamish Academy of Music

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