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Strategic Plan

What’s the purpose of an Arts Council? 

Historically, arts councils were set up as colonially-based organizations in communities around
the province to serve members interested in the arts. Today, Arts Councils help to lead cultural
development in their communities by fostering artistic vibrancy, nurturing pride of place and
being community-relevant (identifying if there are challenges and opportunities that arts and
culture can help with).

What is the Squamish Arts Council doing to plan for the future?

The SAC engaged Patricia Huntsman Culture + Communication to lead the Strategic Planning
and Engagement Project.

The purpose of the project is to undertake strategic planning for the SAC, the outcome of which
will be a three-year strategic plan. The project will reflect the landscape of arts and culture in
the Sea to Sky area, as well as the broader arts and culture context. As part of the project
scope, the consultant team will work with the SAC Board and staff to examine leadership,
capacity and areas of opportunity within the organization.

The project will include an engagement process that involves the SAC Board of Directors and
staff, key stakeholders and the public, and builds on various past engagement data in the