SAC Youth Art Program Consent & Liability Waiver

Consent and Liability Waiver
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About SAC After School Art Program

Throughout the year youth attending Squamish Arts Council programs are offered opportunities to participate in a variety of programs and activities including music jams and after school art. Youth are supervised during all activities by experienced Squamish Arts Council volunteers who promote the safety and enjoyment of all participants. If third party waivers are required for an activity they will be sent home prior to the program to be reviewed and signed by the parent or guardian. There is a low level of risk in any activity associated with Squamish Arts Council programs. By providing consent to participate in the activities of Squamish Arts Council Youth Programs, the parent/guardian and youth assumes all risks associated with the activity and releases Squamish Arts Council, its respective directors, staff and volunteers from liability in claims of injury or property loss/damage as a result of the youth’s involvement in the activities.

General Expectations

    1. All programs are on a first come first serve basis.

    2. Youth who have been involved in a behavioral incident must talk with the Squamish Arts Council staff prior to an event to determine whether they will be permitted to attend.

    3. Zero tolerance for drug or alcohol use/discussion.

    4. All programs are intended to be safe physical and emotional spaces for everyone. Participants show each other respect, refrain from intimidation, bullying, gossiping, horseplay, and must use appropriate language.

    5. Privacy of program participants is a priority for staff. However, because virtual programs exist online, those who participate do so at their own risk of being identified by other program participants.

    6. During video calls, staff will not be recording and we require you do not as well.

    7. Staff are required to report to the appropriate authorities: child abuse or possibility of serious harm to yourself or others.

    8. Staff are required to report involvement in illegal activities which threaten property, clients or staff. These could include drug transactions, acts or threats of violence.

Squamish Arts Council Staff Contact Information Executive Director Amy Liebenberg [email protected] +1 (604) 217-2787